Untamed Travel

We sold everything, packed enough to carry on our backs, and moved to France. By ‘We’, I mean my Dutch Shepherd and I. We slept along the Mediterranean sea, tasted everything from carpaccio to chicken feet, and experienced the genuine kindness a stranger. We vagabonded along the Côte d’Azur sleeping in olive groves, learned truffles are not just a chocolate, and hiked along forgotten costal trails. For a month, we lived in a car and explored the narrow streets and quiet Mediterranean beaches of Italy. From the Northern mountains of Thailand to the Southern border we spend our time learning  Thai culture, discovering Buddhist temples, and finding quiet islands along the Gulf of Thailand.

This blog is a tribute and travel advice resource for vagabonds and adventurers. Since my international adventures, I have now found a place to call home in the PNW. My canine adventures have taken a new direction as a business owner. My two Dutch Shepherds now provide canine pipeline leak detection services for the oil and gas industry. I am proud of their accomplishments and abilities to help protect our environment and infrastructure. You can find out more about K9 Pipe Inspections, LLC at www.k9pipeinspections.com. In addition to natural gas and oil leak detection, K9 Bjorn and K9 Yara are antler shed hunters for Chewy Pawz– a vendor of all natural preservative free antler dog chews. And so the adventure continues, feel free to follow us on Instagram and Facebook!





11 thoughts on “Untamed Travel

  1. Katrina Eller says:

    Hi! I am so excited to see this! I hope you are having the time of your life. I plan to peruse the blog over the weekend, but essays are calling…Sigh. This is something I would love to do. Best of wishes!

  2. Takayo says:

    We just spent a month traveling from Seattle to Paris, France, via NYC, the UK, and Ireland. We are a family of two adults, three children, a German Shepherd and a Boxer. I wish we had found this blog earlier! You give wonderful advise. As we plan to travel Europe with our dogs I’m sure I will be using this site as a referenceI. I look forward to reading more of your adventures!

  3. Toni says:

    Hi Mich. Just found your site. Just read this post and I have a tear in my eye. So sweet to take your dog everywhere with you. What do you do for work if you don’t mind me asking?

    • michager says:

      Hi Toni, I found work as I went. In France, I was an au pair, and I found a family who would accept a dog (not an easy task). In Thailand, I was a High School English Teacher. My dog and I lived on a tight budget so we learned how to travel via public transportation and the value of researching an area/country extensively.

  4. Ali says:

    Hi michager!
    How do you find living in Thailand with a pet dog? Do you feel like it limits your daily choices extensively since, I believe, dogs are not really welcome on buses etc.? Even if it was so I’m sure having your best friend with you and sharing life with your dog makes daily sacrifices worth it. I’m in the process of choosing what type of a dog I will commit to for the next 10+ years and the “problem” here is that I am the travelling sort. But I’ve always dreamed of doing something as crazy as travelling or moving to Africa or Asia with my dog. I’ve concluded that the best size for me is medium because having owned a toy size dog in the past it’s not a size I’d recommend for international travel as they won’t be able to be left alone for a split second when in public, eg. waiting outside a kiosk while you pick up a bottle of water. Mainly because even in my home country it is so, so common for toy/small dogs to get stolen and I surely want a dog that isn’t as fragile as my previous toy dog. How do you handle situations where you need to leave Zala for a second in public – or do you just never let her out of your sight for any reason whatsoever? I love your blog and it has been a very reassuring resource for me. Thank you! -Ali

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