A lost castle

Château de Chantemerle is a castle skeleton perched on an overgrown hill overlooking the commune of La Bâthie. Castles like Château de Chantemerle are dotted throughout the French landscape. Some get adopted by entrepreneuring hotel owners or restored by brave restaurant owners but most fade into rubble.

In its 800 years, it has been rebuilt multiple times to suit the needs of those conflicting over its small valley. Now no one takes the time to patch its scars and ruin, and its erosion exposes the alterations created by each century. In some places the mortar no longer exists between the stones. They merely cling to the eroded shapes of each other wrapped in overgrown shrouds of vine.

Now its tower is the home of wild honey bees, its ramparts are ran by lizards, and its corners shelter secret lovers and underage drinkers. Its broken form leaves much to the imagination. It has not been remade to match someone’s romanticized medieval vision. It is one of the last remaining real castles. Watching over its valley. Ready for when it is needed again.








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