Simple Life Hacks to Save Money in Airports

Bring a water bottle with your carry-on luggage. Make sure your bottle is empty when going through customs and place it in a separate bin for the X-ray machine. Contrary to popular belief, you can take a water bottle on most airlines. When you are in the holding area, fill it up at the tap, and save yourself from buying that $3.00 bottle of water.

Pack your lunch. You will most likely pack a better meal than an airport slippery meat and processed cheese sandwich and for a quarter of the cost. Be careful about bringing nuts, fruit, and meat. Check the regulations of your country of entry before taking it through customs. I personally have never had an issue.

Do not exchange all your money at the airport. The exchange costs will be inflated. Exchange enough to get you through the day and find a bank to exchange the rest.IMG_0265

Measure and weigh your bags before you arrive.  If your carry-on baggage doesn’t meet requirements, the price for additional baggage is higher the day of your flight. It is cheaper to add an additional bag online a few days before your flight than the day of your flight. I personally travel with a soft sided duffle. It can be pushed and squished into the measuring box even if I may have overloaded it a bit.

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