Untamed Travellers has become an important resource for individuals seeking to take the path less travelled with their canines across the world. I will continue to keep this blog available as a resource, and I am happy to answer your e-mails for advice.

We have taken our experiences to mesh together a business model providing international services to help protect the environment and our infrastructure with our pipeline leak detector dogs.

You can contact the owner by e-mail.




7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. untamed farmer says:

    Branching outside the box. Checked out your site on a cold wintery spring day on the farm. Thought I’d leave you a like on your site, ill try and follow at a farmers pace. Bye and best of luck.

  2. Shaunnaugh Jones says:

    I am also travelling thru SEAsia with a dog, I found your blog interesting, my husband & I are travelling in a yacht. Where are you now? We are in Langkawi at the moment, we will be leaving for Penang next week. When walking our dog we travel with a large umbrella, pointing it at the stray dogs normally keeps them at bay but if they get too aggressive we press the umbrella button and pop it open, this confuses them. The umbrella is also used as shade for me & my dog. Keep up with the travel blog it’s a great read. Cheers Shaunnaugh

  3. Sita says:

    Hi! I am travelling through thailand to Cambodia, but need to fill out all the forms for entry in to Thailand. I have been trying to find the 1/1 form but can’t find it and your link doesn’t work. do you happen to still have it?

  4. rosiemoreton says:

    Hi hi! I just found your website through lonely planet. I’m planning on moving to Thailand/traveling through SE Asia next year with my 80lb dog. I love Thailand and just can’t stay away, but I have a pup whom I also love. So excited to read all your posts and to know there’s someone out there doing what I suspect I can do as well 🙂

    • untamedtravellers says:

      There are few that have done it with a large dog. It isn’t for the faint of heart. I should add the disclaimer- My dog and I successfully moved to my hometown in Thailand where I worked and taught high school English. During that time, I also lost my dog 😦
      Be thoughtful of where you are going. Staying in one location is totally doable but traveling across the country and into others will be challenging in regards to housing and especially transportation.
      Good luck!

    • untamedtravellers says:

      I ended up switching my dog to a cheap variety of Purina dog food during my travels. The reason was because it is a brand that is carried in most store internationally including SE Asia. I then supplemented my dog with a raw food diet. I always had her eating her dry food also so it was an easy transition when we were on the road. It may not have been a perfect diet for some dogs, but my female had guts of iron and would eat anythings.

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