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6 thoughts on “International Dog

  1. Veronica says:

    I just have a question. I think it is awesome that your dog travels with you and she is so big! I am an avid traveller and I have been wanting to get a dog but I am not sure if i should get a smaller breed or a larger breed. I have heard many people talk about how checking a dog is the worst thing because of all the deaths that have happened with dogs in the cargo hold of a plane… I really love big dogs but I am having a hard time finding a dog that fits the lifestyle i want. Living in Paris (so being quite calm and an easy walk around the city to pretty much everywhere), loving to hike in the outdoors starting more occasionally after i get the dog for sure and then an avid traveller! I love Zala and her trips. It is really helpful to read your blog and gives me another perspective. Does Zala really like flying or does she get nervous? I don’t know what to do and what breed to get! I was wondering if you could help me please. It would be so helpful to get your opinion. Thank you and happy trails!

    • michager says:

      Hello Veronica,

      Dog deaths in cargo are rare. The few that do occur get a lot of attention, like shark attacks. Don’t worry yourself.
      There is a difference between checked luggage and cargo. The healthiest choice for your dog is to chose an airline that allows your pet to fly as checked luggage. Every airline has different pet standards so it is difficult to generalize.

      Dog breeds to avoid for international travel would be:

      -Snub-nosed dog breeds (many airlines do not allow these dogs because of potential respiratory problems during the flight).
      -Dogs labeled as aggressive breeds (Pitbulls, Mastiffs, Rotweillers, etc). Check the lists online. I love Pitbulls, but many states and countries do not allow “aggressive” dog breeds and this could restrict your travel and housing options in the future.

      Many airlines allow pets to be transported as checked luggage if they are under 32kg (dog + crate). It is very difficult to find affordable flight options with a large breed dog like Zala. I don’t know how many times I have wished she was just a little bit smaller so we could make the cut.

      That being said, if I were you I would chose a mid sized dog such as a Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, or any kind of Spaniel. A mixed breed dog from a shelter may be a great choice also. The dog breeds I mentioned have hair coats that are suitable for cooler regions yet not too overbearing in hot climates. They are working dog breeds so they will need an active owner or they could turn destructive.

      Zala is tough as a bucket of nails. She gets excited before flights, but she jumps into her crate at airports without fear. She drinks, eats, and sleeps normal after we arrive in our new country. Take the time to crate train your dog. If they feel safe and secure in their crate, then the flight won’t be too scary. France is an ideal location to train a dog for international travel. Take your dog into shops and on public transportation if possible. The ability to adapt to new environments and ride on various forms of transportation are essential for a traveling dog.

      Best of Luck!
      And we are more than willing to answer your questions as they come up.

      Mich & Zala

      • Veronica says:

        Hi Mich,

        Thank you so much for the quick response! Your information helped me a lot! I was just wondering, the breeds you mentioned that would be good, are they good dogs to have in the city? I will be most likely going for hikes but I will also be walking around paris and travelling with my dog so would you think that a mixed breed would be the best? I love aussies but they are very high energy dogs. Thanks!


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