Domestic Dog Flights in Thailand

Watch for changes and additions to this list as we find and experience more airlines.

Bangkok Airways

Pets will be charged 80 baht per kilo.

The maximum weight (dog+crate) allowed is 60kg.

The maximum crate dimensions are 100cm long x 60cm wide x 75cm high.

Thai Airways

Pets are charge 6 euro per kilo.

The maximum weight (dog+crate) allowed is 32kg.

This information was provided by e-mail from a representative of Thai Airways in Paris, France.

Nok Air 

Pets not exceeding 15kg (dog+crate) will cost 200 baht.

An additional charge of 200 baht will be applied to pets exceeding 15kg.

The total weight must not be over 30kg.

All information is for dogs traveling as checked luggage. Rates and regulations for dogs traveling as cargo may vary. Zala and I have successfully travelled via Bangkok Air. It was the best experience we have had with an airline.

Cheap Airlines for Large Breed Dogs

A compilation of cheap, pet friendly airlines for big dogs.

Please check often for updates

Airlines with a flat rate are the best for flying a large dog. Always check before purchasing your ticket if that airplane will accept dogs in the hold. Transfers sometimes add an additional charge. Beware of purchasing a ticket with multiple airlines. You must confirm your pet reservation and price with each airline individually. Some airlines have temperature and flight time restrictions for dogs.

Check the IATA standards for dog crates here

Where to buy a dog crate that meets IATA standards:



**These rates are for dogs as checked in baggage.


Dogs over 6kg/13.2lb and up to a maximum weight of 75kg/165.3lbs combined weight (Dog + Crate).

Metropolitan France: €20

Within Europe or between Europe and North Africa or Israel: €75

Between France and Pointe-à-Pitre, Fort-de-France, Cayenne, Saint-Denis (Réunion): €55

Everywhere else: €200


Maximum weight of 75kg/165lbs combined weight (Dog + Crate)

Crate cannot be larger than 292 cm/115 inches (l + w + h)

Metropolitan France: €20

Within Europe: €75

Between Europe and Israel, North Africa: €200

Everywhere else:€200

If layover at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport lasts 2 hours or more: +€150


Rates are calculated by crate size

Maximum 60 x 45 x 40

Within Germany: €35

Within Europe: €50

Everywhere else: €70

Maximum 80 x 55 x 55

Within Germany: €70

Within Europe: €100

Everywhere else: €150

Maximum 125 x 75 x 85

Within Germany: €150

Within Europe: €200

Everywhere else: €300

British Airways

On board Open Skies flights


**I have heard British Airways only accept dogs coming from pet travel agencies. I have yet to verify this information.